Spring Fever, Wedding Fever!

Do you know what season it is? It’s wedding season! We at PattyCakes Mobile are all caught up in wedding fever and we want to be a part of your special day too. If you’re not sure what sort of cake to get, go for a tower of cupcakes for your wedding!


Aside from the fact that cupcakes are full of yummy deliciousness, they have a ton of advantage and we’re here to help you see why it should be a part of your wedding celebration. First things first, flavors. The best part of having cupcakes instead of a wedding cake is that you can mix and match flavors, you can choose from a variety of flavors and have whatever you and your future spouse want, on this end- there’s absolutely no need for compromise.

These cupcakes will be much cheaper but no less delicious. The average wedding cake can cost anywhere from $1,125-$1,800+ which breaks down to $7.50 to $12 a slice and the average cupcake for a wedding can cost $375 – $525+ which breaks down to $2.50-$3.50 a cupcake. Because of this, we can go above and beyond decorating your cupcakes. They can be on any sort of stand or display, it can come in a traditional tier but we at PattyCakes Mobile can work with you to come up with something creative that matches your wedding.


For the fun side of things, you can send extras as a parting gift aka the goodie bag. Your guests can choose what they want to take from the variety of flavors you’re sure to choose. You don’t have to worry about having nothing for yourself because you can be sure that you’ll save some cupcakes for you and your spouse, as well as plenty of cupcakes for your guests. These cupcakes are sure to be a multitasking fashionable hit of the wedding.


Now for the deliciousness, since it’s wedding season- you can pre-order a tasting for $18. The $18 that you pay for the tasting will be applied towards the balance if you choose to go with PattyCakes Mobile for your wedding! Pick up or delivery: April 23rd/24th. Please contact us here. The tasting includes 6 different flavors:




-Red Velvet

-White Chocolate Raspberry

-Coconut Lime

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