Online Ordering How-Tos!

Brr, happy February! I hope you’ve all been staying warm and cozy with all the snow we’ve been getting. As you all know, PattyCakes Mobile just relaunched last month with a new name, logo and our new website. With our new website, we’ve also launched online ordering. With online ordering, everything is right at your fingertips.

Below is a step-by-step explanation of how to order your cupcakes online so that the next time you have a special event or you’re just craving cupcakes for the weekend, you can just come right here and place your order whenever you’re ready.

  1. Start browsing our many delicious selections and once you’re ready, go ahead and choose your cupcake. You’ll be asked to pick the flavor of the frosting and whether you’d like to place an order of half a dozen or a dozen cupcakes of that flavor.


2. Head on over to the shopping cart and make sure everything is correct. If you want to go back and make some changes or add more cupcakes, you can do it right now.



3. Once everything is to your satisfaction, go ahead and get ready to checkout! Shipping cost varies depending on location or you can do a local pick up for free!


4. If you’ve shopped online before, you’ll know this part very well. You’ll put in your billing information and shipping address if you’re shipping to a different address. You’ll also be able to create an account, which will save you time the next time you order with PattyCakes Mobile! In the bottom of the form there’s an “Order Note”- make use of it to let us know if you want us to decorate your cupcakes to match your party’s theme or if you have a special order request!


5. Once you’re ready you’ll be directed to PayPal to complete your order!


6. Enjoy your cupcakes!

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