Flavors Galore!


If you want flavors, we’ve got flavors. This is just a little refresher on how you can get a mix of flavors in one order since you know what they say, variety is the spice of life.

Option number one is the classic go-to, ordering directly from our website here at PattyCakes Mobile. When you order from our website, you’ll have to order a minimum quantity of half a dozen cupcakes of the same flavor. For example, if you order a dozen cupcakes you can order two different flavors. Don’t worry, if you’re one of those people who like the classic Red Velvet, you can just go for the Red Velvet!

Option number two is where it gets fun… PattyCakes Mobile takes part in different events like festivals and Farmer’s Markets all year around, take a look here to find out where we are this summer. When we are at events, we often have a minimum of at least six flavors and that includes one or two gluten free cupcakes. You can get your pick of what we would be selling that day and make out like a cupcake bandit!

Don’t forget the best part about getting your cupcake fix at events is that you can just one delicious cupcake if that’s all you’re in the mood for, you can just stop by and grab your freshly baked cupcake for dessert that night. If you want to get your cupcakes based on what’s going to be selling at an event and pick it up there, you can contact PattyCakes Mobile through Facebook Messenger or through email at Patty@pattycakesmobile.com to reserve your cupcakes ahead of time.

If you’re hungry now, place an order here at our website or come see us at our next event, we would love to see you!