Cupcakes and Birthdays

What do people look forward to on their birthdays? The cake! I know you thought I was going to say the presents but come on, you know the cake is what people look forward to. That’s why for your next birthday, have your cake be all the cupcakes you can get with PattyCakes Mobile cupcakes!


Cupcakes are fun, easy, and come in many different choices. If you’ve got everyone and their mothers coming, they’re also easy to clean up. Because these cupcakes come in single-servings (small single guilt-free servings if you stick to just one) that means these leftovers can easily be taken home with your guests. OR you know, you can just keep it for yourself…

IMG_4410 (2)

PattyCakes Mobile cupcakes can be decorated in so many different ways to fit your birthday party theme. If you’ve got a picture or a clip art you’d like as an edible topper on your cupcake, we have it. We can work with you to make the cupcake cake of your dreams, if you just contact us. There are pull apart cakes that can be shaped into a number representing the age of the guest of honor or even caterpillar cupcakes.

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One of the best things about having cupcakes for your party is that with a cake for a birthday cake, you end up stuck with one flavor for the night. That’s pretty limiting for a birthday isn’t it? However, if you go for a cupcake, you get to choose whatever flavors you want to get for the day.

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Now you’ve got a plan for your next birthday whether it is yours or someone else. Cupcakes. PattyCakes Mobile will work with you to make sure that the birthday guest will get the best cake for their birthday. Everyone will love it and they’ll be asking for seconds. These cupcakes will be the hit of the party!

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